St. John’s Stained Glass Restoration

daySt. John’s recently had an evaluation appraisal done in regards to the stained glass in it’s chapel. In conducting the evaluation it was determined that some of the glass is in need of restoration and general repairs. The total needed for this restoration project is $13,000. A fundraising effort has been started to raise money to pay for the restoration.

The fundraising kick-off event has been scheduled:

Sunday, May 7th 

10:30 a.m.

After Sunday worship service

A free Sunday Brunch will be served!

Jenkyn Powell will be attending and will answer questions regarding the stained glass. Jenkyn has an extensive background working in Salt Lake City and Philadelphia areas restoring stained glass. Any money raised will be applied to the restoration project. All members and friends of St. John’s Lutheran Church are invited to attend.

St. John’s is always trying to raise it’s profile in the Liberty Park community. The church was built in 1937 and the school was added in 1950. The building is a one of a kind historic architecture.  St. John’s Lutheran Church is committed to preserving this legacy to future generations in the greater Salt Lake City area.

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