Pastor Bob Schrank 1928-2019

St. John’s retired long time Pastor Bob Schrank passed away peacefully on Thursday June 13th.  He was St. John’s Pastor for 19 years and leaves behind an extended family and many friends in the LCMS fraternity.  He worked in the mission field in Guatemala out of the seminary and then was a Pastor in El Paso, Texas before moving to Salt lake City in 1976.  He became our Pastor at St. John’s and had a wonderful career that influenced many families who he nurtured during their times at the Church.  He was always one of the crowd who was a Pastor first and a good friend to all.  He was an avid downhill skier, cross country skier, bowler and camper who loved to mingle with his flock at St. John’s.  He leaves behind many found memories and countless baptisms, confirmations and weddings in his time at St. John’s.  He is survived by his loving wife Joan, five children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Funeral services at set for 10:00 A.M. Friday, June 21st at St. John’s Lutheran at 1035 South, 5th East in Salt Lake City, Utah.  A reception/celebration will follow downstairs after the service.  He will be missed by all. God bless Pastor Schrank.

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